New blog theme

It’s almost spring, and I’ve been itching for a change of theme on the blog, so here it is. I’m not sure I like it well enough to keep; I like a two-column format, so I can keep some good navigation easily accessible. With this theme (“Reddle”), I have to bury the nav down at the bottom or else lose a lot of main-column space, as the secondary column is as wide (or nearly as wide) as the content column, so videos get cut off. And that’s no good. Another theme, Oulipo, might work better and has some fun small caps, but I’m wary of its frozen left pane–reminds me of old-school frames. But we’ll see. 😛

Edit: Okay, I added a header image from a photo I took near the Redwood forest in northern California a few years back, and I like Reddle quite a bit more now. Images really must be worth a few dozen words, or whatever it was. 😉