Blue Frost (photo post)

Blue Frost


Free screensaver for your Nook: Moon

Thought I’d make the photo I took of the Moon last week into a wallpaper/screensaver for the Nook. Because who doesn’t want to look at our lovely satellite when they pick up their e-reader? 😉 I edited it for the 16-shade grayscale of the Nook, and as always, you’re welcome to download and use it as a wallpaper; I just ask that you don’t change it or pretend you made it.

Click the image for the full size (600×800) version.

Hmm. WordPress is changing the image when I upload; the light halo is fainter in the original. It’s a tiny file so I’m not sure why WP is changing it, but hope you like it anyway. 🙂

Free screensaver for your Nook: ‘Pisces’

This image is of a fish sculpture in a fountain in Portland, Oregon. Taken in 2007. As always, you’re free to download and use the image as a screensaver/wallpaper on your ereader–I ask only that you don’t change the image and don’t pretend you made it.

If you like this photo, you can find more of it in my Zazzle gallery. Click the pic for full size.