Back to the Zazzle

At long last (half a year or so), I’m back to updating my Zazzle site. I’ve added a few dozen new items to my photography gallery, which are still in the process of going live; I have all the templates set up to play catch-up at Les Étoiles, as well. Since I was last there, Zazzle has retired a few product lines, brought one back (gel mousepads, which I now get to remake), and added quite a lot of new ones, some of them pretty strange. Like this:

Perspective Flask

…Yep, that’s a flask. I’m a bit surprised that they believe demand for flasks is high enough to warrant setting up the process & stocking them, but it’s providing me some comic relief, at any rate. 😀 The image is one I call “Perspective,” which was from a college photography assignment to find an alternative sort of ‘landscape.’ Now I’m re-purposing it as a pun…it is a bottle of ‘different perspective,’ you know. Weird image for a weird item. 😛

Zazzle has also added a really nice-looking pewter snowflake ornament, which would have been nice to notice before Christmas came and went, but oh well. Here’s one:

Elephant Leaf Ornament

They also finally have double-sided keychains (it always seemed strange to me that the only keychains they sold were one-sided, when every gift shop I’ve been in always has some kind of clear plastic ones with the image on both sides). And they have the greatest-looking pocket journals, which let you choose what style of page rule to use, including dot grid! And I can add design-y stuff to the inside covers! Favorite new item, definitely, even though I’ve not seen it personally.

Flight JournalFlight Journal
Flight Journal


Bukowski may have said it best

I feel that I would be remiss if I did not write something about the shooting in Arizona of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I wish that humans had moved beyond this kind of barbaric, primitive behavior; clearly, some have not, and others suffer and die because of it. It’s maddening, saddening, but not as shocking as it ought to be. Some people, sometimes, just act like bastards.

the crunch (2)
(Charles Bukowski)

too much
too little
or too late

too fat
too thin
or too bad

laughter or
or immaculate


armies running through streets of pain
waving wine bottles
bayoneting and fucking everyone

or an old guy in a cheap quiet room
with a photograph of Marilyn Monroe.

there is a loneliness in this world so great
that you can see it in the slow movement of
a clock’s hands.

there is a loneliness in this world so great
that you can see it in blinking neon
in Vegas, in Baltimore, in Munich.

people are tired
strafed by life
mutilated either by love or no

we don’t need new governments
new revolutions
we don’t need new men
new women
we don’t need new ways
we just need to care.

people are not good to each other
one on one.
people are just not good to each other.

we are afraid.
we think that hatred signifies
that punishment is

what we need is less false education
what we need are fewer rules
fewer police
and more good teachers.

we forget the terror of one person
aching in one room
cut off
watering a plant alone
without a telephone that would never

people are not good to each other
people are not good to each other
people are not good to each other.

and the beads swing and the clouds obscure
and dogs piss upon rose bushes
the killer beheads the child like taking a bite
out of an ice cream cone
while the ocean comes in and goes out
in and out
in the thrall of a senseless moon.

and people are not good to each other.