For love of music and good deals

I love holiday pricing, especially since the internet lets me buy stuff without taking hours to shop around or fighting crowds at busy stores.

I also love Barnes & Noble’s Christmas membership deal: I got a free 2-month trial membership starting in late November, which gives me free express shipping with no minimum order. Mwe-he-he. 🙂 I don’t want to sound like a B&N ad, but they got the losing end of that deal in my case; I have ordered several items one at a time, each of which cost less than $15, and on all (or on all but one) of which I managed to use a one-item coupon (25-40% off each item). …Well, maybe they got the losing end. I have to admit that I’m tempted to renew the membership.

The first few were Christmas gifts – a couple of books for my brothers and an album of Telemann for my mom. But I just got an email coupon (25% off) that was good this weekend and found a different coupon for the same deal on a cashback website. Three discs of classical piano, coming right up! I ordered a 2-disc set of Chopin preludes & nocturnes performed by Garrick Ohlsson and a disc of three Mozart sonatas (including the famous K.331, which I wrote about earlier) from pianist Murray Perahia. I considered getting an 11-disc set of Rubinstein performing Chopin (instead of the Ohlsson), but I’ll wait and see if B&N sends me a 30%- or 40%-off coupon in the next few weeks.

I may have also ordered a few guilty pleasures through Amazon (Jewel, Dido, Edwin McCain), plus Telemann’s Darmstadt Overtures (mmm) and yet another video game (Star Ocean III, though I don’t have II, so I’ll be jumping around the series).

Here’s Ohlsson playing Chopin’s Prelude in C sharp minor, Opus 45:

Oh yeah, and happy New Year!