Shiny new Zazzle store

About a week ago, I finally started a store at Zazzle that’s dedicated to text-based designs. This was prompted by drivers being assholes toward cyclists in my hometown:

Side note, while I was making car-shaming stickers, I made another one because of a tweet I saw from an actor I follow on Twitter, in which he complained about assholes throwing garbage out their car windows in his hometown:

…and he retweeted it. Cool!

Anyway, I’ve also been making some stuff with quotes I like (that are out of copyright),

some store swag (which I think looks pretty awesome),

and latest, a bunch of quasi-Art Deco-style business & profile cards that might be my favorites.


I also set up a Pinterest account just for my various Zazzle stuff – check it out at!


Pet Peeve #17: Anti-bicycle idiot drivers

In the past week, maybe two, I have been yelled at twice by angry drivers for doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. As advised by Colorado’s Bicycling Manual (“Rules of the Road”):

Ride with the flow of traffic. Obey traffic laws–you’re a vehicle too. Ride single file whenever possible.

I do this. I avoid riding on the sidewalk unless it’s necessary (there’s a reason the Brits call sidewalks “footpaths”–they’re for people moving on foot–for that matter, side-walks are for walking). I know I hate when cyclists whip past me on the sidewalk, as if I’m supposed to see them coming and leap out of the way. So I’m riding with the flow of traffic, obeying traffic laws like a good girl, and I’m on a smaller residential street to boot. Along comes angry driver-lady in her black SUV, turns right just as I’m about to enter the intersection, and yells across the seat:

Ride on the sidewalk, you dumb bitch!!

Thanks for paying attention, angry driver-lady. You’d do well to RTFM, which states that you, dear gas-guzzler, are supposed to

Keep your eye on cyclists and pedestrians. They have a right to use all the roads in Colorado unless expressly prohibited. Keep track of them in your rear and side mirrors. Slow down.


Don’t cut off a bicyclist when making a right turn.

You are false, angry driver-lady. And quite possibly illegal.

Pet Peeve #18, for interest: People who ride their bikes on the wrong side of the street.