Shiny new Zazzle store

About a week ago, I finally started a store at Zazzle that’s dedicated to text-based designs. This was prompted by drivers being assholes toward cyclists in my hometown:

Side note, while I was making car-shaming stickers, I made another one because of a tweet I saw from an actor I follow on Twitter, in which he complained about assholes throwing garbage out their car windows in his hometown:

…and he retweeted it. Cool!

Anyway, I’ve also been making some stuff with quotes I like (that are out of copyright),

some store swag (which I think looks pretty awesome),

and latest, a bunch of quasi-Art Deco-style business & profile cards that might be my favorites.


I also set up a Pinterest account just for my various Zazzle stuff – check it out at!


Zazzle Update: Keywords, Sales and New Products

I finished updating my keywords at Les Étoiles around Thursday, and man, I hope I never have to do that again. It took for-e-ver. Which makes sense, since I have close to 1200 products on the gallery, but it’s such a tedious and time-consuming task, I can understand why people wouldn’t want to bother. I think it’ll be worth it, though.

I also got my first three sales since mid-April – six postcards and one poster on Sunday, and a poster yesterday. Chouette! I hope it keeps up (well, and maybe better than keeps up). đŸ™‚

And while I’ve been busy in the afternoons at work this week, I have still managed to make a template for business cards and started publishing those to the store. It’s actually three templates with the same layout: one each for black, grey, and white, and I’m making one of each for each photo. They have a different feel to them (black is a little more fun, grey or white a little more business-y, I think), and besides, choice is a good thing, right?

Here’s one I made for the store along with a couple of the templates. I have to enter each text area by hand, so it looks like it’ll take quite a while to get the whole line finished.

Les Etoiles Business Card
Spiral Galaxy NGC 1309 on White Business Card Carina Nebula Detail on Grey Business Card