So, it’s mid-October and

it has been quite a long time since I posted anything here. Instead I’ve been posting shorter snippets on Facebook, where people who generally want updates from me will see them. Saves me a few emails. 😛

{Edited to add: Dear thunder lizards that emoticon is godawful. I hope they change the icon set back to something tolerable.}

But here are a few photos that I took in September of a couple of the cats that hang around my block in Philly; there seem to be lots of indoor/outdoor (mostly outdoor) cats around. They have collars, mostly, so they’re not strays, just not cooped up inside. One of the others is another gray & white calico that always seems to be in the middle of a staredown with this one when I see it. Another dark-colored cat is a bit shy and sneaks off between houses as people walk by.

i naps where i wantsjust chilling
"There is a human holding a thing. I must investigate." does not brake for autofocus
"This human is belong to me"

…also, note to self: offers a title field for images you add to a post, but that’s a lie. The “title” you enter is actually coded in as the alt text (title shows when you hover over an image; alt does not).


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