Muiriol, Lossoth-Friend

Remember when Bilbo spoke with Smaug in The Hobbit? How the dragon asked his name, and Bilbo replied with riddles instead? (He who drowns his friends and draws them alive again from the water; who came from the end of the bag though no bag went over him; Barrel-rider, Luck-wearer, Ring-winner; and so forth.)

LotRO took this idea and ran with it. I’m sure titles are a dime a dozen in MMOs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if LotRO is a little more inventive with them. I like “The Unwise” — you get it by eating a quite possibly deadly cheese from the Barrow Downs, which is plastered with warnings to not eat it.

Anyway, there’s that. I’m actually posting to add a series of my champion-class character’s outfits. Champion is the class that runs headlong into groups of enemies, swords a-swinging. Others run in and try to draw attention while blocking attacks with their ridiculous shields, or mitigate enemy stats, or… (Arestelle is a hunter. She stays back and destroys enemies with arrows like cannons, before they can even get to her.)

Here’s Muiriol over time.

muiriol1 muiriol1b
[ not-quite-starter gear ]

muiriol2b muiriol4c
[ a modification in the 30ish levels, because I liked the shirt & helm ]

muiriol5a muiriol5b
[ a few less common pieces put together ]

muiriol6a muiriol6b
[ some different uncommon pieces with some orange stuff I made. love orange. ]

The Lossoth, by the way, are the people of the far north region called Forochel. It and they are mentioned in Lord of the Rings, but do not feature nearly so prominently as places like the Shire, Lothlorien, or Gondor. It’s more like Hollin in memorability (remember Hollin? a former elf-land that the company travels through between Rivendell and Moria; they hide for a long time under brush when a flock of crebain fly overhead).


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