Arestelle in Middle Earth

I’ve had fun playing with the appearance of my characters in LotRO, so here are a few of my namesake’s outfits over time.

arestelle-lotro-sq[ starter gear ]

arestelle-kinship-sq[ an outfit of odds & ends in the 20-something levels ]

arestelle3a arestelle3b
[ ‘final’ version of a burgundy outfit based on the shirt, started ~level 30 ]

arestelle4a arestelle4b
[ some dark digs for sneaking about Moria ]

If we could equip weapons cosmetically, I’d swap the visual of this in for each of the swords in the last outfit above. It’d be perfect for it.


…so there’s a history of Arestelle’s wardrobe. đŸ˜›


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