My classes at Penn start in just over 7 weeks. Holy cow.

I’ve been registered for them for a while now, but I’m banking on being able to waive two of the core courses – programming languages and a ‘math for programmers’ type of course (basically discrete math, the director said). To do that, I need to know enough Python & Java to convince the director that I don’t need a class in them, and I-don’t-know-what in math (I haven’t talked with that professor yet, as he’s new and wasn’t there yet when I got my course list approved).

I haven’t worked on Python much since April but am starting back in with Coding the Matrix on Coursera, a Python-linear algebra combo class. I started on Java a couple weeks ago, by way of a gigantic textbook, a Udacity intro to Java programming, and getting back into the Project Euler problems. There’s so much to learn, though, and I haven’t even tried any graphics or applets yet. Hopefully the linear algebra and PE will help on the math side; I aced my undergrad discrete math course, but that was 8 years ago. I’m sure it’s a bit rusty. I have access to an old syllabus and project list from the programming languages course – I should go through those projects and code them. Wish I had the same for the math, though.

And only seven weeks. Holy cow.

Side note: Project Euler’s 17th problem is, surprisingly, quite easy. Maybe they intended for us to come up with a generalized solution? That would be more interesting.


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