A shiny badge and all

I just started working on the problems at Project Euler, in Python. When I finish my Coursera class on Python programming, get through my introductory Python book to my satisfaction (gotta practice what I read, right?), and make at least one particular project I have in mind*, I’ll probably move on to Java. I’ve never used real Java (just JavaScript, and that only a little), so I’ve got to get cracking if I want to waive the MCIT core course in Python & Java. (And I do.)

But, hey, I get a little badge that reports my progress in Project Euler, see?:

Arestelle at Project Euler


* The mesostomatic that we used in ModPo seems to be totally defunct; it and its explanation page have been throwing 404s for months. I want to make a new one – first in Python, to get the algorithm right, and then in something I know how to put online, i.e., JavaScript (which I haven’t used for about 5 years now…yikes).


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