This update seems to be in a silly mood

Arestelle, you’ve disappeared again! Are you there? where did you go? …helllooo? (crickets)

I hear you asking this, don’t try to hide it. The echoes are still ringing over here. 😉 I’ve been playing with websites and my camera; I’ll post a few photos soon enough–had a little fun with light trails and want to go try a few more shots soon. But first, a little update.

I’ve continued to work on my Zazzle gallery. Now, in addition to the newish Facebook page and Twitter account, I have a really brand-new photography blog (mainly for images and updates from my galleries–playtime/everyday photos will come here first, still, mostly). I think it looks pretty snazzy! (…though I will, being me, play with the design & header image some before I decide whether to keep it as is.) And I’m pretty excited about all the likes my Lightscape II got already!

On the gallery itself, I’ve published a line of those notebooks I was talking about. (Please post a link if you see a review of these from a pen geek – I’m really curious about them!) I have also created (drumroll) image-by-image navigation within the categories. So now, when you find yourself in a category, say, Animals, that has several photographs in it on many different products, you can easily look through previews of all the photos therein and click the one you like. You’ll be whisked off to see just the products that contain that photo! Go ahead, try it! Before, you found yourself facing a jumbled heap of everything on all the photos. yikes. much better now.

Whew, that’s all I can remember. The navigation thing took a lot of the time I’ve been MIA. I’m still on Twitter all the time, though (thanks, boring office job), so if you wanna see what I’m up to when I haven’t put a new post up here, look for me there. Faisez attention, cependant — the snark likes to run amok in the Twitterverse. 😉



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