Once again Zazzling

It’s been a long time since I seriously worked on updating my Zazzle galleries, but I am now. I posted a few notepads and notebooks to Les Étoiles (see), though I’ve still got shirts to make and many new Hubble images to add.

Mainly, I’m focusing on my photography gallery; I’ve tended to neglect it because there’s always been interest just automatically in the space gallery* that doesn’t exist yet for my original work. But ultimately, it’s my own photography that I want to put out there, that I want people to recognize and love and come looking for. Because photography is something I can’t not do–not without losing myself in some way–and I want to make it good and make it reach people.

For now, one thing I know I can do is to build up my Zazzle gallery; I’ve added a line of jigsaw puzzles already. (How cool is it that you can get custom-made jigsaw puzzles online now? 🙂 )

I can offer notebooks now, too; they use 90 gsm paper (same weight as Clairefontaine — I’d love to see a review from a fountain pen afficionado) and are 6.5 x 8.75″ – great size for a journal, just about 1 cm wider than A5 format. I have those ready to publish and will get them up this week.

Last but not least, I created a Facebook page for my photography. It combines updates from my Zazzle and RedBubble galleries, and I’m adding my photographs and designs to photo albums there – one per day – so that you can easily preview all of my images in one place. Which also means you get a pretty picture in your Facebook news feed each day if you “Like” the page (hint, hint!). I’m also adding the images I’ve made for screensavers on Nook and Kindle to their own album, in case you need another reason to check it out and “Like.” So what are you still doing here? 😉

* Actually, the interest isn’t automatic for HST/SST: NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute put a lot of effort into preparing those images in the first place, writing the stories that explain them, and promoting them across the web. People know those images, or at least that there are beautiful space images, before they ever click onto Zazzle, thanks to the work NASA has already put into them.


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