Arestelle sings…my brother’s song

(My stats are telling me no one cares when I post singing clips, so maybe I should stop, but…well, I still like singing. And people with ok-but-not-amazing voices don’t sing enough, I think. People just don’t sing enough. So I’m just doing my part…and that’s my story. Sticking to it. 😛 )

My brother used to fancy himself a songwriter, and I have to admit I liked his songs. Not just ’cause I’m his little sis, either – they were sweet and silly and quaint and occasionally suited my voice. He and I have kind of the same voice, just in different ranges (and he’s more practiced); maybe it seems obvious since we’re siblings, but our middle brother has a very different voice. Much buzzier, maybe more technical – he’d be better at runs and more complicated stuff than we are. Anywho, here’s a verse and chorus of one of the songs. (His recording has harmonies and a cool guitar part, so, sorry that all you get here is my mousy vocal melody. 😉 )

I’ll replace it with a video when I can figure out what settings to use; I replaced my laptop hard drive–it was threatening to die on me–and am still finding stuff I didn’t transfer quite right, so there are some settings I need to get sorted.

Edit: I got the video working! Apparently YouTube doesn’t always play nice with mp4s, and some of my other vids might not work right now… But here’s this one:


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