Spoken & sung “J’ai deux amours”

Commence semi-random short post! I decided to try reading something in French out loud, to see how my pronunciation is. After reading a couple of short assignments from way back in French class, I tried saying from memory the lyrics of a favorite song, “J’ai Deux Amours.” I know it through Madeleine Peyroux, though it was originally performed by Josephine Baker. But I got to the chorus and it came out sung.

J’ai Deux Amours

I’m a bit frustrated that I blatantly mispronounced an easy word, but it’s good practice. Don’t know why I didn’t think of recording my spoken French before–simple way to check yourself (…and notice that with ordinary text you have a tendency to say five words rapid-fire, pause for a couple of seconds, say five more words, etc.). 😛


2 thoughts on “Spoken & sung “J’ai deux amours”

  1. Hello ! I’m French 🙂 I listened to you your texte/song. When you say ‘Paris’, focus on the i of Paris like the i of joli in ‘c’est mon rêve JOLI’. In ‘joli’ you pronounce it very well but in ‘Paris’ the i is not so clear. You do a really great job ! I will follow you and help you in case of need, but you’re already very good 🙂


  2. Thank you, Céline! I’ll work on that vowel in ‘Paris’ – I think I may have heard someone mispronounce it more like ‘é’ and imitated that sound. Now I know 🙂

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