Song I once knew…help me find it?: “Alleluia”

I was in some singing groups back in high school–our required freshman choir, sophomore voice lessons and class, the popular junior/senior choir (70 people out of maybe 110 or 120 were in it fall semester!), and my class vocal group for the school’s Spring Arts Day competition every year. And one musical. A lot of what we sang I’ve forgotten; some I haven’t because it was too silly to forget (Johnny Smucker doesn’t tell us whether he can sing, but he does attest that he can play the drum, flute, triangle, cello, and a few other things culminating in a bagpipe that–finally–runs out of air).

Anyway. There’s one song that I capital-el Loved in choir my junior year. I wasn’t the only one: after the girls sang a section in practice, the usually hypercritical director paused with a grin, glanced at the boys, then back at us and said, That is why there will be women’s choirs in heaven. Sadly, I’ve forgotten much of it, it has few words to identify it by (mostly “alleluia” with some “ah”), and its title is about as commonplace as they come (“Alleluia”–I do know that this is the correct spelling). Here’s what I remember from the beginning of the S2 part; I would be ever so grateful for your help identifying it. 😉 Do you know it? know who wrote it?

Click to play ‘Alleluia’


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