Arestelle sings (yes, again): “Prayer”

Two for one today! This is a song I first heard in college, when an all-male a cappella group at my school put it on their first album. I don’t know who wrote it, just that I love it. I recorded it twice, because I did the lower register first and wanted to try it in my real range to see how it sounds, since I seem to only record myself singing in the low part of my range. (That’s probably because I can’t deliberately sing quietly except if I keep my pitch lower too, and I tend to try to not be heard. But I don’t think my roommates are home today, so… 😛 )

Apologies for the especially bad white noise in the second video; I had to stand away from the mic and computer to keep the audio from clipping. Even if my voice wasn’t so loud, it was clipping any higher notes if I was too close–don’t know why, just a cheap mic, I guess.

…and, wow, my laptop speakers are horrible compared to my earbuds. I knew that already, but I after listening back over with and without the earbuds, man. Next laptop I get needs much better speakers [insert ironic laugh track–like any laptop has decent speakers!]. 😉

Anyhow, here are the lyrics, just because:

Oh Lord, must I do unto others
before they do unto me?
Must I arm myself to protect myself
from harm and injury?
Don’t you know, that is not the lesson
that I learned on my mother’s knee
when she told me to do unto others
only what I’d have them do unto me.


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