No Girl

I don’t exactly keep a paper journal, but well, I sort of do. I have a few different notebooks in use at any time–and sometimes a binder of loose-leaf paper too–and I’ll write in whichever one is at hand when my hand wants to put lines down in ink instead of pixels. I found this in a binder; I must’ve written it last June or July, though not actually for or about anyone I know (which is not uncommon in my writing). And though I don’t really write poetry anymore, sometimes still I can’t hold back the unnecessary line breaks. 😛

 So you think it’s a girl’s heart you’ve got to win?
Then I must be no girl, because my heart is not enough.
Love is not enough.
If you think you can buy my love
with a necklace, rings, or finery, then lover, you’re a fool.
If you think you’ll make me happy
with answers for my every question, with a problem
solved without a doubt,
then boy, you are the problem.
If you think you’ll warm me with a gentle touch
or with sweet whispers in my ear,
then listen carefully to me.

I don’t care about your charms or baubles.
I don’t want your pretty words.
I don’t want favors or agreement —
I want your brutal honesty. I want your mind
and I want you to want mine.
To have that you must win me over
not with gifts,
not with promises,
not with answers,
but with questions.
You must offer me a new mystery
that we can explore.


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