Some test shots on the new camera (G12)

So, I got a Canon G12 after mooning over the G series cameras for four years. 🙂 Now I’m playing, trying out the settings and relearning manual controls, which have been mostly unavailable to me since I last used my film SLR in a color photo course a while back.

Taken after the sun was down, underexposed to keep the shutter speed up--unedited.

Same shot, edited from the raw. Think I overdid the saturation or something because it kind of looks like I used flash. I don't like the way flash looks on natural objects.

Just a sign near my house, testing out the tracking autofocus. Nice feature--it shows you which part of the picture is currently in focus (as opposed to showing where you tried to focus or showing nothing at all).

The same road sign at 100% zoom to see focus detail.

Tower at about 500 ft, no zoom (wide angle).

Tower at about 500 ft, full optical zoom. I turned off digital zoom.

For fun, I tried a few shots in miniature mode.


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