Wherein Photoshop takes over my life

I just can’t leave a design alone. The black backdrop of the first designs felt kind of empty, even if I did mean it to be vaguely Art Deco in style. So I grabbed the blue starfield of this artist concept (thank you, NASA/JPL) and swapped it in there at maybe 85% opacity (with the black beneath to darken it a bit). Also, for some reason I associate this style with lines. Not always, I guess, but lines are fun so I added some of them in, too. It’s shaping up a little better.

I’ll still be voting for a different design for the group to use — we had a couple of late submissions from one of the Chrises (we have a few) that are fantastic. And they use lovely, clean fonts: Trajan Pro and Park Avenue. Ahh, relief for sore eyes. But mine is beginning to shape up for my own use.

Anyhow, here’s the latest.

And here’s the new latest. I decided to try making the moon a vector so it goes better with the vectorized spacecraft and with the overall Art Deco style. The Illustrator trace lightened it, though, so I’ve been trying to darken it down so there’s not such a stark line between gray and black.


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