Updates on SaveJWST gear and my newfound luck

First things first: I am thrilled by the amount of interest there’s been in the SaveJWST gear that I have published for sale at Les Étoiles. As you may know from my earlier posts, the James Webb Space Telescope–successor to the incredibly successful Hubble–is in danger of being scrapped by Congress; I am very much against this; and I am donating my earnings from JWST gear to the American Astronomical Society.

To my knowledge, I am not only the only shopkeeper donating proceeds–I am the only one on Zazzle selling SaveJWST gear. My shop is small; it has a fairly steady trickle of visitors, but no torrent. So I expected to receive perhaps a few dollars from these items: a token donation for AAS, offering more a symbol of sentiment than actual support. So I am thrilled to say that, barring cancellations, Les Étoiles has earned over $30 so far from JWST gear and there are dozens of stickers, bumper stickers, magnets, and keychains out there helping to make the Webb a more visible topic.

Since my last post, I have added a lot more, with the help of the folks at SaveJWST on Facebook. They lent me the use of their logo, so I have shiny new bumper stickers, magnets, … even mini bookmarks available. Here’s a sampling:

You can find the rest at the gallery.

Now, in the title I also alluded to some unexpected luck. This post has gotten long already, so I’ll just say that I am one of 150 Twitter-followers of NASA who will be converging on Kennedy Space Center in early September to hang out, make good times, and watch the launch of the twin GRAIL satellites to the moon. I am not accustomed to winning things. 🙂


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