Show your support for JWST & Les Étoiles will donate proceeds to AAS

I was busy over the weekend, making … well, propaganda, essentially. 😉 I’ve made a bunch of materials in my Zazzle store, Les Étoiles, that you can use to show your support of the James Webb Space Telescope and to help spread the word. There are stickers, bumper stickers, keychains, buttons, magnets, and mini bookmarks (1×3″ cards). Everything I receive from sales of JWST items I will donate to the American Astronomical Society for their efforts to advance public policy.

In fact, if you purchase anything at my store and send me a message with your name & what you bought, and tell me you want to help save JWST, I will add any commission I receive from your whole purchase–JWST items or not–to the donation for AAS. There’s a direct contact form available right from my store. And you can customize pretty much everything in the store, so feel quite free to find any image on any item you like and add your own text, since you’re probably much better at slogans and witticisms than I am! 😛


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