Chase Freedom looks like a pretty good offer

I’m checking into the Chase credit cards–Freedom, mainly, since the others are for higher spenders and/or businesses. They don’t make it much easier to contact them than Capital One, but they do provide a ‘tour’ option for the reward system. It took a little bit to find it, but here it is: Ultimate Rewards member site. That link should go to the gift card section, and there are tabs at top and links on the left that will take you to the sections for cash back, account credit, travel, etc.

There is, of course, a disclaimer at the bottom of the page saying that pricing/availability can be changed at any time; I think that’s on all these sites. While I don’t especially like that Chase’s program is also based on points (are all of them??), they do advertise a particular cash back rate, which kind of obliges them to keep the cash back redemptions at 100 points to the dollar, at least. And the gift card rates are surprisingly good, after two years with Citi; some of them are actually a better rate than cash, so if you’ve earned $20 worth of points, you might be able to get a $25 gift card. Most give you the same rate as redeeming cash, but some of the ones that interest me are among the better ones, so I could get even a little more than 1% back (5% on bonus stuff) with the Freedom card.

On the one hand, no apparent email address for contacting them (unless you’re already a customer), on the other hand, much better redemption rates for reward points. The rates for lower-value cards at Citi are abysmal; you have to get a $100 gift card to get 100 points to be worth a dollar, and it can take a long time to reach the 10,000 points you need for that. To get a $50 dollar gift card, you essentially shell out $60 worth of points, a $25 card costs $35 worth, and a $10 card costs $15 worth. Even a $5 card at Chase appears to cost $5 worth of points. And they even have more of the cards I’d be interested in available. So it’s tempting.


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