A 5.0 on the writing section? Really?

Well, that sucks. 😦 And after getting 780Q and 760V for the CAT sections…maybe I should’ve kept up with the practice posts.

What I dislike about the GRE is that your writing score depends on how well you can deliver two apparently polished essays within an hour and 15 minutes. If any writing student does that with even the least regularity, he should be shot. Like I said a few posts ago, 10 hours of research to 1 hour of writing to 4 hours of editing. The numbers are still made up, and they’re still a lot closer to the reality of writing than the GRE’s 2 minutes of brainstorming (no research at all, evidemment) to 23 minutes of writing to 5 minutes of editing. That’s a recipe for bullshit, there.

Perhaps it’s needless to say that I do a lot of planning, editing and self-questioning when I write a paper, if you know I earned a 4.0 in all of my writing-intensive classes (both major–philosophy–and non-major). I suspect the GRE can’t distinguish between the students who do this and those who don’t; and I’m not the first to say so.

But there’s no way I’m retaking the test over a disappointing writing score when my areas of interest lie outside the humanities. So there it is.


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