Impatience and so forth

So it’s been two weeks (as of tomorrow) since I took the GRE. My scores have not arrived yet. I know they say they’ll mail them 10-15 days after your test date–so they might not even send them until Tuesday!–but I am so restless! I want my scores in hand, I want it to be official, I want to know what I got on the writing section!

In other news, I kind of like Jamie Oliver’s show (Food Revolution). He’s got a rather aggressive personality, which makes it understandable that authorities don’t take to him unless they already agree with him, but I guess it’s necessary, too, if you want to actually come in as an outsider and make some change in a system that’s trying its hardest to stay the same. (That and it’s more entertaining that way…)

Also, Emmanuel Pahud is a wonderful flautist. Look him up. I got his Bach flute sonatas album recently because I saw it on sale and found positive reviews of his playing. Love it. šŸ™‚


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