Look, no more static!

When I record myself singing, there tends to be a lot of static in the audio. (Hint: I run BOINC, I’m using a laptop, and the mic is built in. Not an optimal setup, I know.) I finally decided to use Audacity to do the recording and try its noise reduction filter (the default recorder that comes with Windows can only save in a Microsoft format that Audacity can’t edit).

Turns out it works decently well, except if I try to sing “My Father’s Waltz” (Hem). Apparently the filter thinks my voice is static if I go too near the alto range. … :/

Here’s a sample of the resulting audio; the song is “The Dreadful End of Marianna for Sorcery.” It’s a very optimistic song about betrayal and burnings at stakes and such. (Wait, did I say optimistic? Sorry.) The song as I know it is off an album of Celtic songs performed by the Scots band Malinky. I picked up the cd from a bargain bin at Borders when I was in New Zealand; I was a little music-starved, without an iPod at the time, so go easy. 😉

By the way, if you know how the heck to make the video be smaller on this page, please tell! It’s getting stretched out and is gigantic, and that offends my sensibilities. 😛

EDIT: I made the video smaller — sweeeet! So, to limit the size, you can add “&w=” (for width) or “&h=” (for height) to the end of the youtube url, with the size you want to limit it to after the “=.” The above is “&w=430.”


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