I. Am. Bored.

And I have been, out of my skull, for the past two and a half years — ever since graduation. It doesn’t help that I now know that the school I thought couldn’t possibly exist, my ideal school, really does exist.* I don’t think I’ll get over that.

But now, anyway, I’m excruciatingly bored. I want to do something interesting. I don’t have the money to go back to school. This stinks.

* At least until I transferred to Lewis & Clark, and maybe even for a few years after, I thought that all colleges must be basically the same, just with varying quantities of homework and degrees (and colors) of snobbery. I had no reason to suspect that there was a school out there that would let me choose virtually all of my own courses rather than dictate my curriculum, let alone a school that would do that and was at liberty to select only those students who seemed truly interested in learning as much as they possibly could about as many different subjects as they possibly could; and my greatest regret is that I never went looking, just in case. If I had known that there was an Ivy offering an open curriculum, I would have done anything to be able to spend four years there.


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