Jumping ahead from mid-game FFIX

Final Fantasy XII, to use a cliché tired enough to be silly, rocks my socks. I started playing it once my PS2 memory card came, to try it, and I can’t seem to tear myself away and go finish FFIX … or most things that I actually need to do, in fact.

At first, I thought it felt like Zelda 64 (yeah, that’s my most recent Zelda experience). Actually, to be fair, I first thought “holy shit, these graphics are -ohmygoodness- awesome (but I always think that at the opening movie of an FF game (but it’s still true!))” — yep, with nested parentheses. But after that, when I got to a part where I could play and fight some enemies, especially when wolves starting jumping at me from behind in the Estersand, I thought it felt like Zelda 64.

And it still does, but there have been some definite Necrosaro moments. You know, where you’re fighting somebody strong enough that you wind up subbing out all of your characters at some point mid-battle because they’re either dead or out of MP (and you don’t have the time or Ethers to waste).*

…So yeah, I might have fought a level 3 Mark when the first level 2 one had just put up a pretty good fight. And I might have fought a level 5 Mark only 5-6 levels later … actually, my people didn’t die quite as much on that one – the guest character would actually bother to use a potion when he was hurt, unlike the previous one who just kept attacking until he got killed. Which he did. A lot.

And the graphics are still stunning. I haven’t quite gotten used to them, although I am pretty used to the camera control, which I love. Man. I like this game.

Here is the music to Eruyt Village, a village hidden deep in a jungle, which was home to one of the characters; unsurprisingly, the villagers avoid contact with the (violent) outside world. I just got here in the game today and didn’t want to leave because of the music.

*Alternate description: “You know, where you wind up with Cristo in your party and he keeps casting Beat because you can’t control him and everybody else is dead.”


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