Hello, World! I exist – no, really!

So, I totally fail at keeping up with this blog. I don’t really even want to go into the reasons — but rest assured that reasonable reasons exist regarding my pointed absence, at least since late July.

I don’t even remember what I’ve posted this summer, and don’t feel like reading back through, so here comes a brief synopsis. I am working enough hours, as of June, that in normal circumstances I make more than I spend, although I’m still stuck as a freelancer at my main job, which sucks. I’ll have to pay double in FICA (Medicare and Social Security, mainly) taxes than a normal employee, and I’m already earning less than anyone else in my office, so it’s kind of like they’re rubbing it in my face.

On the other hand, the company I freelance for keeps asking me to do new stuff, so apparently they like me. I met with the liaison a couple weeks ago, basically because they wanted to see what my schedule’s like and if I’d want to do a regular job with them. Because I’m up to 3/4 time at my regular job, I didn’t sugar-coat – I don’t want to be a project manager, although I have enjoyed doing project support (helping out the PMs, checking editors’ and formatters’ work and such). I just don’t want to be the one training, explaining, and re-explaining stuff to other freelancers. I’ll happily check their work, but don’t make me teach them how to do it; that’s just exasperating to me. Also, it’s an hour-plus trip to their office from my main one, so I’d rather work remotely as much as possible. So they came back and offered me a new/additional position as a QA freelancer, which I can do remotely, and I took it. Went in for a day of training, have some practice to work on from home, and will let them know when I can go back in for a last couple hours of training.

…That was a long paragraph.

Also, I have moved. I’m now living pretty much exactly where I want to be, in a house that’s walkable to the University of Denver, so I can take classes and not worry about buses or light rail to/from the school. It’s also amazingly close to all kinds of stores I love, restaurants (including my favorite coffee in the city), a discount clothing & home goods store, and the bike ride to the library may be the best route in the city that isn’t on a dedicated bike path – it goes through one of the richest parts of town, with beautiful houses, quite a bit of shade, and a wide winding road that’s not very busy. Actually, scratch that – I like this ride better than the Cherry Creek bike path, in spite of the fact that the bike path goes along a stream, and I don’t see enough water in Colorado.

The house itself is nice, too – I have the upstairs to myself, almost as if it were a separate apartment, even though I have a roommate who lives downstairs. It’s got hardwood floors, a fireplace, a gas stove (this is critical, you see), and even when I get another roommate there will be an extra room for guests or an office or whatever. And it’s not particularly expensive, and it’s on a pretty quiet street, itself.

I’m replacing old furniture (going with the brown & orange theme from an earlier post), got a wood bed frame and a memory foam mattress that are a bit heavenly after sleeping on an old mattress/box spring set with no frame for a couple of years. A new bookshelf and a side table for my old crt monitor – I’m working on setting up my (also new) PS2 to play on the crt.

And stuff, and stuff. Ooh, and I signed up for a 5-session evening course on astronomy, centered around Edwin Hubble and the HST, which should involve a visit to the DU observatory. I’ve never even looked through a telescope before. 🙂

And August was my best month ever at Zazzle, with multiple unexpected huge sales. September’s ok, considering I haven’t done much at Zazzle over the past couple months, either, but I wish it were better. Fingers crossed for the second half of the month.

Also, Vernaccia di San Gimignano may be my new favorite wine. It bites a little, like my longtime favorite, Sauvignon Blanc, but it starts off sweeter and is more complex than the Sauvignon Blancs I’ve had of late. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, that’s me. I’ll sign off for now.


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