Lullaby by yours truly

So, I have always loved “Summertime,” from Porgy and Bess. My mother used to sing it to me when I was little, in her strong alto voice; I’ve never really heard it in the soprano key, and I can’t sustain a melody an octave and a half above middle C, anyway – I tried once and won’t again.

I’ve also always loved singing this song (or most any song, granted, but this one I can get away with even with my soft voice, sort of). I can’t say I’m a great singer, though I’m a whole lot better than I was at four or five…on which note, there’s no reason why a person “can’t” sing. Even tone-deafness can be cured by a patient piano teacher and easy-to-learn kids’ songs. Everyone can sing, you just have to learn. Anyway, without further ado, here is me – Arestelle – singing “Summertime.” (It’s not edited or anything, so apologies for the static.)


One thought on “Lullaby by yours truly

  1. I got a couple of comments that were probably spam, but asking what credit to give if reposting this. In the highly unlikely case that somebody’s actually wanting to re-post this, I’d say click the ‘video’ to go to the youtube page, & use their tools to share the file – just link to this post if you do that. Feel free to quote parts of any of my posts, but again, link them back here to

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