Set options

FYI – this post is really entirely for myself. I’m moving soon and will be getting new (cheap, but new) furniture. With the items I’m getting I can go with either my preferred color palette of natural colors (rich, deep brown for furniture) and get a cheap bookshelf that matches, or I can get modular cube shelf units that I like the style of, and get black furniture to match. Again, it’s a post for my own use – but thoughts are welcome.

Above stays the same. $350, approx. Mind that my current comforters don’t work really with my preferred sheet colors, ice blue for the brown set or rich plum for black (though also the chair would clash with the sheets there, and the comforter might be ok). Would prefer something like ice blue sheets with rich brown comforter in the brown set. Maybe steel gray for the black set with burgundy sheets. In the meantime go light neutral. The light contrasts the darks the way color would contrast neutral.


If starting with one each of dresser, bookshelf, ottoman, $180.

With the pictured bedding set instead of the lone sheet set, $205. ($25 more than the sheets alone – and then I have a comforter that works with the colors of the room.)


With one each of dresser and ottoman, two of double cube, $202.

Those aren’t especially attractive cubes, I imagine. Maybe I should just get the cheaper bookshelf and hold on to the thought of my cubes shelf from the family house.


2 thoughts on “Set options

  1. Also, point for the brown set: I have a couple of moroccan style lanterns that have orange glass in the sides. More orange…more fall colors.

    That and if you look closely at the ottoman pic, the wood tray part is dark brown wood, not stained/painted black.

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