Saturday Zazzle Update

Since my last update about my store at Zazzle, I’ve made a template for various apparel products – so I can now make shirts, aprons, hats, bags, even pet clothing. And I’ve made a little of each of those, with more to come.

Astronomy shirts with images from Hubble and SpitzerAstronomy themed tote bags, with titles

And June turned out to be a great month for sales, although it fizzled out in the last week or two – it was still one of my better months, so I’m happy with that. I had a repeat customer buy a few packs of business cards, which was great – hope she comes back when these sets run low!

I’ve also made a spreadsheet for myself so I can keep better track of which products I’ve made with a given image – I have enough by now that it’s a real pain to have to go and search every one I’m not sure about. Now it’ll be easier to find where I’m at in a new product line, or which ones I haven’t done yet, and all that.


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