So, ah, hi. I’m still here.

Well. So. I have been pointedly absent for the last two and a half weeks. There was a really busy week, then I was in the mountains for a couple days (family reunion 🙂 ), then there was another busy week, then my mum & bro got back from the reunion so I spent more time with the family, and now it’s another busy week, compounded by the fact that my older brother is out of town on business so I’m taking light rail to & from work, which only takes about 3x as long.

And tomorrow I go in to the freelance gig in the late afternoon, after going down 20 miles south for four hours at the day job.

Yeesh. I miss the old summers, when I had time to lay outside for two hours a day, maybe go swimming, play a video game for a couple hours, practice piano, and still have time to be bored.

I haven’t been bored for ages (except while working 😛 ).

Also, there was a really cute guy sitting by me on the light rail today, and he was working on physics problems. 🙂


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