Zazzle Update

What with the craziness at work this week, I can’t hardly think what all I did at Zazzle. There were a number of sales while a free shipping deal was going on for Father’s Day, and I managed to figure out how to use Quick Create, which is a tool that’s proving very useful for making items that have a lot of little settings that I have to do and that take up a lot of (very tedious) time, but where those settings are all always the same.

Perfect example: business cards. I have one primary design, so far, in three different colors and where the text on all products of one color is the same for every image – same text, font, size, color, etc. So I’ve made templates that let me make all three colors at once and all I have to tweak is the size and position of the image – I can even post the keywords and description for all three colors of one image at the same time. It’s a good thing. 😛

What sold were some buttons, my first sale of business cards, and a couple of posters:

Hubble Space Telescope Buttons Small Magellanic Cloud Buttons

Helix Nebula Profile Card on Black

The Tadpole Galaxy Poster Light Echo from Star V838 Poster

All of this was between Monday and Tuesday – so a pretty sweet two days! Would love it if I got another few days like that. 🙂


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