Crazy week

This week has been ridiculous. On the one hand, I feel the not entirely unusual “what? it’s almost Friday already?” but on the other hand, it feels like about two and a half weeks have squeezed themselves into the past few days. Power outages, crazy business at work, and I have to worry about driving back from the airport tomorrow afternoon (my bro is going out of town, so I’m riding out to the airport with him, then driving the car back and watching his dog for the weekend).

And there’s a conference next week that we have to have everything ready for by 11:30 am tomorrow, because that’s when the boss is leaving for it and needs all kinds of handouts, printed & packed profiles, etc. etc. to be packed up and ready to go. Fun.

On the plus side, I get to stay at my brother’s house this weekend, by myself except for the dog. A good stereo, a good TV, comfy couches, maybe some free laundry that I don’t have to hurry about… a weekend away from “oh my God!” girl next door and horse-laugh boy across the hall. Ahh. Yes.

Oh and speaking of horse-laugh boy, I like our postman (or woman), who left this for him earlier this week:

Thank you. I’m glad I’m not alone.


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