Power outage

Arghh. So there must’ve been a fire a half mile or mile away from my building, because two things happened:

1. There was black smoke in the direction of a park about that far away; and

2. The power went out.

It didn’t just go out for a little while, either, it went out about 20 minutes after I got home, right when I was about to plug my computer in so the battery wouldn’t die, and it stayed out for over two hours.

It came back on for five minutes.

It was then out again for another half hour, making that 3 hours total of no electricity in a several-block radius including my building, in the prime hours of the evening when I am home and not needing to be in bed yet. (I should’ve been in bed an hour ago, and it’s hot enough I won’t probably be able to sleep well anyway…)



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