Zazzle Update

In the past week at Zazzle, I’ve added a new product line, updated another, shined up the navigation pod, and made a couple of sales. Not terrible.

The newest line available at Les Étoiles is skateboards – they require a very high-resolution image, and fortunately, I have a few of those! I think they look pretty good, but I’m no skater, so I’m not the authority on these things. 😉

Skateboards featuring nebulae, galaxies, and star clustersI also added larger-sized posters / prints to the store, since a number of the images are large enough for bigger prints than were already available.

Colossal-sized astronomy prints and postersI’ve changed the navigation to a set of hand-coded links, so I have full control now over what goes in the navigation and what doesn’t, and while I was in the code, I changed the look a bit to clean it up, reorganize, and sprinkle a few serif fonts in there. Gotta love a good serif.

I also had two sales this week, a poster on Monday and a handful of keychains on Thursday. Nice! Keep it up, June, keep it up. 🙂

Interacting Spiral Galaxies PosterStar-Forming Region LH 95 Keychain Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741 Keychain SN 1006 Supernova Remnant Keychain Spiral Galaxy M101 KeychainGalaxy Cluster Abell S0740 Keychain Spiral Galaxy M81 Keychain


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