A brunch and some project support

We’re having a brunch at the office tomorrow for a coworker’s birthday. Casseroles involving potatoes and sausage and cheese, bagels and cream cheese from Einstein’s, yogurt and fresh fruit … mmm. This should be good.

‘Course then I have to go downtown right after work for the freelance gig, for 2-3 hours. It’s nice to do something different, and it’s good that I’ll earn a little more money. But dang it, I just don’t feel like it! I want to play on Zazzle. 😛 (Oh well — I’ll be looking at other languages, and that’s always a bit cool. Hopefully it’s still a European language, those I can at least figure out how to pronounce, not that that’s even necessary for the kind of checks I’ll be making.)

And I refilled my Starbucks card, which now has 5 stars on it – so I can add syrup and soy milk to a plain latte for no charge. Woot. 😀


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