Skimpy portions at McD’s, and freelance training

Is it just for me, or has McDonald’s been seriously skimping on the expensive ice cream and coffee drinks lately? The last time I got a mocha, it was like they had left double or triple the necessary room for whipped cream, but didn’t put any whipped cream in and didn’t bother to fill the drink the rest of the way. It was like somebody took a couple chugs before handing it to me. And today I got an Oreo Flurry, and it was literally no more than two-thirds full! I mean, I pay almost $3 for this thing and the lady hands it to me half empty, and it’s a small cup to begin with! (I could go to the grocery and get a whole tub of cookies ‘n cream for $2 this week!)

(Note to self: ice cream is good, but don’t buy it at McDonald’s. Coffee drinks are good, but less good at McDonald’s and you can now get them cheaper at Starbucks for a better drink, thanks to your 5-star Starbucks card. Use it.)

Anyway, I had that training this afternoon. Not surprisingly, it was mostly a PowerPoint explaining the different types of files we’d work on – some are checking fully translated files against glossaries, some are formatting the files to be sent back to clients so they’re not full of colored fonts and hidden text, some are running a pretranslator and checking it for discrepancies with the original (because we all know translation programs are not quite perfect yet), and stuff.

Also not surprisingly, my contact was wrong about the time it would take. She said 2:30-4:00. It went 2:30-5:00. Agh, well that’s one more hour at least. Sounds like they’ll want me to go in on Thursday, too.

Oh, and they gave me a free copy of Adobe Acrobat. So, as much as .pdfs can be edited, I can them edit. šŸ˜›


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