Another freelance update

Happy Memorial Day!

So, the freelance gig appears to be happening pretty much for sure, now. I’m going in tomorrow straight after work for an hour and a half of “training.” I can’t imagine there’s too much to train about – “Ok, so, you want to have these two files open, and basically check that the translator didn’t screw up the numbers or names or stuff that you can figure out, not actually being fluent in one of these languages. ‘K?”

I just edited a file as an assessment of my ‘eye for detail.’ They said to take 25 minutes on it; I was done in 15, and that was with wasting a minute or two laughing (it was one page, and not even remotely solid text), as well as starting to read the Spanish word by word towards the end. Hablo un pocito de español, so I could check the content pretty effectively for missing text in the English (which there was, a good bit – they have to, you know, to see if you’ll catch it).

So that’s that. It’s gonna be boring, I’ll bet. But they’ll pay me, so it’s got that going for it. I can also make a bigger deal at the regular job about not working when I’m not on the clock. Since I stay most afternoons and work on my computer, I’m there, and they’ll ask me to do little things – little nothings, but they distract me from my own stuff that I’m working on and waste more of my time than they should, since they’re not hardly enough to count on my time card. 😦 If I have a gig elsewhere, it’s “Look, sorry, but I have to leave AT ONE to get to this appointment, and NO, it can’t wait. [You’re not paying me? then you don’t get my work. That’s how it is.]” One can wish.


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