Weekly Zazzle Update

Over the past week, I’ve made a couple of small improvements and introduced a new product line at my Zazzle store, Les Étoiles.

First, after updating the layout of the shop, I noticed that the footer changed colors between a couple different versions of the page, in a way that made the border look quite silly in one. I fixed that, and the border’s sitting pretty.

Second, there’s a ‘promo bar’ at the top of the page that Zazzle uses when they have a sitewide sale going. The bar is an ugly yellow color, except on my storefront, where I have fixed it to be black like the page background, so the promo’s still noticeable but the bar is no longer an eyesore. I still have to fix this on other pages in my store – I didn’t realize they used a different bit of CSS to do the other pages. It’ll get there.

Finally, I took a little break from business cards to start making bookmarks. They each have a quotation on them (written by me – but customizable so people can change it to a personal fav if they want), and they’re actually using the “skinny business card” product type, so Zazzle counts them as business cards for promos and stuff, and they’re a sweet little 1×3″.

Star Cluster NGC 346 Bookmark Pinwheel Galaxy (M101) Bookmark

Also, Zazzle is in fact running a sale this weekend, for Memorial Day — and it’s a pretty good one. Posters are 50% off, business cards (including my new bookmarks) are 40% off, and 20% off postage with the coupon code MEMORIALSALE. It’s only good through Tuesday, so it’s worth checking out soon. I’m thinking of buying some stuff, myself.


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