A burrito worth $2?

If you’ve never tried an Amy’s burrito, oh my word, go get a Black Bean burrito right now. I never would have thought a frozen burrito could be worth … well, that much, but this is absolutely ridiculous. It is perfection in a burrito wrapping.

Ok, I will grant that I got mine on sale, 40% off, which makes it more worth it. Still, I think it would be worth full price now and then.

Besides, I never would have thought a factory-made, frozen pizza could be worth $6 or more, but that was before I met Home Run Inn. Oh chère Sausage Supreme, you are the light of my life. The pizza-eating part of it, anyway. And I guess it’s more like “the most worthy flavor of the pizza-eating part of my life,” since pizza is more about tasty deliciousness than, ah, luminescence. But I think you know what I mean, chère Sausage Supreme. You are wonderful.

Point being, Amy’s Black Bean burritos are pretty awesome, and you should go eat one so you can understand. If I could make a burrito that tastes like this, I might actually bother making a burrito instead of buying frozen ones. 😛


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