Freelance Update

It has taken awhile, but I think that my contact is finally starting to understand that when I told her my schedule and that I work well south of downtown, it wasn’t for nothing.

She had said that they could work with my schedule and do afternoons, including an afternoon training session soon. I said Thursday or Friday afternoon. She said, ‘hey, how about Wednesday from 10-1?’ (My hours at the day job are 9-1, which information I had given her two emails previously.) I wrote back and explained why that did not work. Somehow she apparently didn’t get (or see) this email. I wrote back with a copy of my previous reply, which she also somehow did not see.

I called, and her response made it sound like she seriously thought I would take a whole day off my regular job (that being 4 hours – except Wednesdays are staff meetings, which in this case made it a 6.5-hour day – yeah, fun meetings) … for three hours at lower pay at their office. I noted (again) that this is not a feasible arrangement.

They seem to want me to do this, though, because now that she has heard it with her ears, they seem willing to put down as available after 3 p.m. – which gives me enough time to get there that I don’t have to take time off. Still, at that point it’s either a measly two hours, or stay till 6 or 7. Seven p.m. is a wee bit late, considering I leave for work at 8:30 a.m. Ten and a half hour days for seven hours’ pay is not terribly enticing (minus a half hours’ pay for the more expensive commute from the Tech Center to CBD). But I may do till six.

We’ll see.


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