Hat-wearing cacti, and woo at work

I am impressed with the continued popularity of hat-wearing cacti. They are still responsible for a good number of my visitors, and I merely linked and mentioned the hilarious exchange – which happened before Easter!

Well, here’s to you, hat-wearing-cactus-drawer. (Sort that one out.)

In other news, I apparently work in an office full of woo. I suspected from the beginning that the boss is kind of into it, with the whole “power corners” and “feng shui” office design kind of thing (I mean, she takes it seriously), but she’s not the only one. Not at all.

Another is totally into ideas about positive and negative “energy” (like, she’d pay somebody to “clear the energy” in a house that’s being turned for sale), and when things were crazy busy the other day, she literally walked around the office spraying perfume around as if that would make things go better. (I’m all for a nice-smelling office, but I don’t think she was just spraying the stuff for the smell of it.) Another coworker plays along, if she doesn’t agree, although she sounded genuinely interested when the first woman was telling her about an upcoming … I don’t know … show of some person who claims to be a medium. Prices and dates were included in the discussion.

Hrm. What to do with this information? I’ve not said anything, because I won’t get anywhere saying anything and don’t think I’d make a good argument without writing one out beforehand, but I feel like it’s taking effort to not make faces when the woo starts.

I mean, one of these people goes to an astrologer annually … and it sounds like #2 is interested in going, too. They’re all impressed because the astrologer said business would be “weird” this year. “Things will get cancelled but other things will come up, and it’ll all work out.” Hey, that’s a hit!

a) We’re coming out of a recession, what do you expect? and
b) Madam Astrologer, can you give a safer ‘prediction’? How about a name on one of those things that gets cancelled? Or what’s going to replace it? Got any dollar values? What does “working out in the end” mean, concretely, in the year after one of the worst business years I’ve seen in my life – I mean, it’s hard to not feel like things are working out when the economy is improving and business is better by default than the previous year. It’s getting better, after all!



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