A Larger Freelance Gig (We Think)

Well, I should be getting a tiny 5-hour freelance project to do over the weekend. That’s not much (which is good and not-so-good), but it’s also not all.

After I first replied about my availability, the company asked if I’m full-time at my day job, because now they have another contractor project they think I’d be good at (I would). Only catch is, this one’s in-office, so I either have to take days off to go there or leave early from Centennial (my day job’s way south of town, the office where I freelance is downtown – it’s a lot nicer when I can work from “home”). It would be going in to the office and helping the project managers to check the first editors’ changes, basically.

They have not been very clear about how often they’d ask me to come in, or even how much time they want me to spend there for training – “we can work with your schedule and do a 1-3 hour afternoon session” – but they don’t say how many of those! even though in the first email they indicated more than one day of training. Really, guys, I have a regular job and I need advance notice if you want me to take time off to come to your office. Don’t you get that?

The general idea, though, sounds like it could work; and the people at work who need to agree, agree. So, I’ll give it a try and keep pushing these folks for actual, concrete, useful details. Seriously, I hope their point person for freelancers doesn’t do any of the editing herself.


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