Checklist – Get Some Sleep

I need to work on the whole “going to sleep before midnight” thing. I’m not very good at it lately. I also owe this blog some back posts…if I see a good TED talk, I might post it yesterday. 😉

I also need to get back to those folks on the potential freelancing, which it turns out could mean a decent amount of hours, at least over the summer. Catch: I would have to go in to the office for this new position, with less than a day’s notice, and their office is downtown – an hour or so’s commute by light rail from my office south of town. So I would have to rearrange my hours at my steady job, which is for practical purposes quite do-able … I just have to work up the nerve to ask, when they haven’t even given me the review I was supposed to have almost three weeks ago already (which means I’m still not officially an employee, I’m technically an independent contractor).

It’s a messy situation, and it’s getting on my nerves. I know the reason (boss’ personal circumstances, well that and he’s not very good with schedules and deadlines, but I’ve decided to pretend it’s just the former), so I don’t complain, but this is getting ridiculous. As long as I don’t get that review, I’m stuck paying self-employment tax, which is an extra 7.65% of my pay. That’s not insignificant. 😦


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