This is Confession Thursday, right?

I love “Glee.” There, I said it.

Music was always a part of my family, and my family belonged to a church that was addicted to music. The whole denomination (Mennonite) is, but not just any music. Four-part harmony. Check that – at least four parts, including one room-shaking bass and a stellar soprano (but don’t you discount the alto – just ’cause she’s not trying to see if she can hit high ‘C’ doesn’t make her any less impressive).

I went to a high school where all freshmen were required to participate in choir … and where about three-quarters of the upperclassmen choose to participate in the junior/senior choir. Spring Arts Day is a big deal – an instrumental group from each class enters the competition, and same goes for vocal performance groups.

My class had the same (large) core group of students in our vocal group, and we were always full (they had to place a limit on the number of students in the vocal groups – 20 – and mind you, my class had fewer than 60 students). We were the first freshman class to win in vocals for … longer than I know, and longer than the (formerly undefeated) seniors would have known. And we won all four years. I was one of the core group members, who participated every year and went early to school (6:30 or 7:00 a.m.) to practice as SADay approached.

So I like music. And I really like singing. And I love to see other people singing well, singing like they sing in musicals, and doing a good job looking like they love it, too. That it’s a fairly popular television show is icing. Or gravy, if you prefer.

If it weren’t so late, I’d go watch a couple episodes right now.


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