Ironic timing: Editing jobs

I’ve been offered a potential freelance gig, just after starting a week of full time work for my day job.

Now that is weird timing – I haven’t heard anything from these folks for two and a half months! Okay, not quite true – they emailed to tell me I got a pay raise – but no work? “Ten percent of nothing is–let me do the math here–nothing into nothing, carry the…” (that’s from Firefly)

But now, basically the minute I’ve got more hours and a lot to do at my regular work, I finally hear from these folks again, asking what my availability is over the next couple weeks. They mentioned possible “other freelance opportunities,” as well, so I’ll have to see what that means. These new projects are supposed to be shorter, I think, so it should work okay with my schedule, as long as they don’t offer me an eight-hour project due the next day. Two days would suffice.

But, yay, more work! I was starting to wonder if I’d hear about these editing gigs again, it’d been so long.


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