Suddenly busy (FT for a week)

I feel like there’s so much I have to do over at Zazzle, and I’m not getting it done as quickly as I want. But my boss asked me to work full time for the next week, starting today, because we have a conference coming up and my brother’s getting slammed with stuff to do. I can help him with some of that.

And 20 extra hours for a week is 20 extra hours of actual pay, instead of just potential pay. I can do my other stuff over the weekend if I must – but I’m already doing that. Oh, well, actual pay, Arestelle. Actual pay. It’s awesome that I’m getting extra work at my day job, but I’m sitting there, antsy, anxious to get back to my projects.

The drive home today was extra terrible. It decided to rain (Denver’s been doing that lately – a little sun and warm, then rain, then snow – come on, it’s mid-May!). So it was annoying anyway, but traffic was the worst I’ve seen it, I think; it’s a 25-minute drive home on a decent day, and today it took 40 minutes to get not even halfway, when we gave up on the highway and stopped in at Best Buy and then McDonald’s (I had a coupon – free Quarter Pounder w/Cheese for buying a measly $1 drink!). I finished my food before we got to my place.



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