I caved (and joined Twitter)

I’ve never had a Twitter account before, and I’ve never wanted one. I’ve heard bad things the nature of which I can no longer remember, and besides, it’s just annoying to hear people talk about “tweeting” all the time. Good grief. 😛  …But I think it may be a good way to promote Les Étoiles (with or without many followers, interestingly enough, but obviously followers are cool!). So I’ve signed up and made a pretty plain first tweet.

I’ll probably stick mostly to updates on the deep space gallery, and my photo gallery if I get a chance to actually do some work on it — I’ll be busy with the space one for quite some time, and I’m thinking of opening another niche shop that wouldn’t fit in with my photography. So it’ll be things like updates when new images go on the store, or new products, or sales (I get pretty excited about those – I had two yesterday, after weeks of no sales at all! 😀 ). Stuff like that.

I might post some completely unrelated fun links, too, now and then. My username at Twitter is the same as here, Arestelle, and there’s a link for it up top now.



One thought on “I caved (and joined Twitter)

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